Jaranas del Norte

Photo gallery and journal of past events.

Past events & shows

son jarocho Studio session

During the autumn of this year 2021, we gathered together and recorded a few songs for the first time at SoundMind in Helsinki. Thanks to our dear JDN member Alan Guerra, who produced the music material as part of a grant he received from Taike in Finland.

It was a very
meaningful experience for our growth and learning, not only learning more about son jarocho music, but also about how to work as a team.

In 2022 we will release our recordings! Stay tuned!

Yesmith Sánchez, member of Jaranas del Norte has written her perspectives about the recording sessions. Read her story in English or in Spanish.

LA frontera (Rajaseutu)

We were honored to be part of the release of a translation to Finnish of this magnificent book "Borderlands" (Gloria Anzaldúa 1987). For this event, we shared the room with Somos La Colectiva, Latin-American female artist group, last 19th of October 2021 at the Museum of impossible forms in Helsinki. .

Part of our interest in joining this event was to share the connection of the topics in the book to son jarocho music, which is a manifestation of our cultural legacy and of the resistance of Afro-Mexican and indigenous groups in Veracruz, Mexico. The lyrics, music, expression and even the structure we use to act as a collective community in Finland are totally aligned with what Gloria Anzaldúa stated in her work and her lifelong experiences of social and cultural marginalization.

Our band member Yesmith Sánchez has shared her experience in a short article. Read her story here (Spanish).

La Nueva Mestiza de Aztlán

(décima en honor a Gloria Anzaldúa)

Llevo una serpiente alada

bajo el signo de mi casta.

Soy la rebelde nefasta,

la guerrera descarriada.

Nunca seré desmembrada.

Soy gabacha, negra, hispana,

india, mestiza, chicana.

Vengo a demoler barreras,

dogmas, mitos y fronteras,

con mi poesía y mi jarana.

(Ludvik Moreno, 2021.)

Gloria Anzaldúa (1942-2004) was a scholar of Chicana cultural theory, feminist theory and queer theory. In her book "Borderlands" (La Frontera) based on her life in the Mexico-Texas border, she discusses several critical issues related to Chicana experiences: heteronormativity, colonialism, and male dominance. Her book now has been translated to the Finnish language by Heta Rundgren and Oscar Ortiz-Nieminen.

kolibrí festivaali 2021

In September 2021 we have been able to participate in Kolibrí by giving some workshops for kids and families using son jarocho to tell a story and had lots of fun dancing and playing percussions.

"Café con pan" was the theme for this edition where we told the story of how this rhythm traveled from Spain to Mexico passing by Africa and the Caribbean islands.

We had incredible multilingual participants from many different backgrounds and a very beautiful and cheerful atmosphere!

Photographs by Nalle Elmgren 2021.

zapatistas in helsinki

On Sunday 3.10.2021 we were invited to be part of a cozy welcoming event organized in honor of the Zapatista committee visiting Helsinki as part of their "Journey for life" in a quest to share their resistance message beyond Mexican borders.

We hand-picked songs that were not only beautiful pieces but also where the lyrics were a powerful reminder of how music, and art in general can be a way of activism. We also adapted some of the verses to show our solidarity for their cause to highlight current social issues faced by them and many in Mexico. We were flattered to be part of this historical moment for the Zapatista movement and for the community that supports them in Finland. We're happy to share our art and admiration for their cause which advocates for giving voice to indigenous populations.

feel helsinki 2021 show

Jaranas del Norte closed the summer concert season on a high note.

What an honor for us to play in Feel Helsinki Festival by the University of the Arts Helsinki, and in a venue as beautiful and important as Musiikkitalo! We look forward to continuing to share our music and traditions with our host society.

It was absolutely fun and rewarding to be part of this great event. 4.9.2021

Etno-espa 2021 concert

We were honored to be part of this year's edition of Etno-Espa folk music festival in Espanlava (Esplanadi, Helsinki). As part of our show, on the evening of August 11th, we interpreted traditional son jarocho songs and a contemporary version of La Llorona adapted by Sanna Mansikkaniemi who was our honor guest. Read more here.

The audience received us with a very warm response and people we very excited even with some rain over their heads. We definitely had a great time and we are looking forward to being present in future editions of this festival.

Summer show in oulunkylä

On July 16th 2021 we were welcomed to play at Oulunkylän Seurahuone a beautiful old house in the middle of the neighbourhood which hosts different cultural and musical activities for the citizens for free.

We had a great and happy moment sharing with people of the area and some of our friends. It was very nice to count with the presence of all kind of people from babies to elders who really didn't miss the chance to dance along!

New content for Children in youtube this summer 2021

We have been busy all the summer creating videos specially for kids. In partnership with Global Music Centre we made some of our most cheerful songs in a special way for the little ones to sing along, listen to stories and even dance with us. Go check them out here, more videos are coming soon!

Podcast interview

In May 2021 we were invited to be part of a new episode of WE the MEXyCANS, a Podcast by Silvia Véjar and Adrián Pineda that shares stories of Mexicans and their experiences living abroad. At the interview (in Spanish), three members of JDN played a couple of songs and told a bit about their own experiences living abroad as well as some stories about how we ended up in Finland playing son jarocho together.

Speakers from JDN: Alan Guerra, Eduardo Tejedor, Yesmith Sánchez.

Click here to listen from Spotify.

Interview with Open Waves WMS 2020

Interview to Jaranas del Norte by World Music School - Helsinki Open Waves - HOW. Hosted by Pedro Aibeo at Caisa Kulttuurikeskus 4.11.2020

Click here to listen to the full interview.

We chatted about the origins and history of son jarocho music and its tradition in Mexico, and about the role of the collective Jaranas del Norte as a promoter of Mexican culture in Finland.

Speakers from JDN: Paola Nieto, Ludvik Moreno, Alan Guerra.

Mexican independence day 2020

In September 2020 we were honored to be part of the celebration of Mexican independence day at The National Museum in Helsinki.

We played cheerful songs that connect us with our national identity and make everyone want to move along for sure. Also this time we shared the stage with our comrades from Askeltenpalo who were dancing with traditional Mexican costumes.

For us, it was a beautiful moment and we were happy to enjoy and share Mexican and Finnish cultures together.

live interview with "jaraneros por el mundo"

On August 30th 2020, we participated in the live show online “Jaraneros por el Mundo” with Kamal González from Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico.

We performed a few songs and talked about our project in Finland and a bit about our personal stories in this Nordic country.

Watch the video here!

folk dance workshop with World music school

On August 20th 2020, we held a folk-dance workshop lead by our main dancer Paola Nieto at Caisa Cultural Centre, organized by the World Music School Helsinki.

We had the pleasure to share the room with people and artists from many different nationalities.


On July 3rd 2020, we had an interview with Ernesto Céspedes, ambassador of Mexico in Finland. We talked about son jarocho music, about the project of Jaranas del Norte, and a bit about our story in Finland. We performed a few traditional songs in Live streaming!

Watch video here!


Open workshops of Mexican culture, Son Jarocho music and dance in Suvilahti Helsinki. November 2019


The National Museum of Finland. November 2019


Embassy of Mexico in Finland. September 2019

Above: Photographs by Embassy of Mexico in Finland 2019.