jaranas del norte

Mexican folk music
Son Jarocho

Mexican folk music (Son Jarocho) band based in Helsinki, Finland.

To book an event and other inquiries please contact us here
or by email: jaranas.delnorte@gmail.com
or by phone +358 45 787 29718

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During the autumn of 2021, we gathered together and recorded a few songs for the first time as a group at Soundmind studio in Helsinki. Thanks to our dear member Alan Guerra, who decided to produce music material as part of a grant he applied for at Taike in Finland.

It was a very important experience for our growth and learning not only learning more about Son Jarocho music but also about how to work as a team. In 2022 we will release our new songs! Stay tuned!

Yesmith Sánchez, member of Jaranas del Norte has written her perspectives about it. Read her story in English or in Spanish.

Global music Centre
artist Catalogue

Now we are part of the Global Music Centre (Maailman Musiikin Keskus) artist catalog, see more about it here (Finnish).

Podcast interview

Listen to our interview (in Spanish) with WE the MEXyCANS by Silvia Véjar and Adrián Pineda. This interview was recorded in May 2021, we played a couple of improvised songs and we told a little bit about our own experiences living abroad and some stories about how we ended up in Finland playing Son jarocho together.



In collaboration with Global Music Centre Finland, Jaranas del Norte presents this series of 5 videos recorded in Helsinki, Finland during summer 2021.

Balam Orozco: requinto.
Daniela Pascual: voice, storyteller, dance.
Eduardo Tejedor: jarana, quijada (donkey jawbone), voice, dance.
Grisell Macdonel: leona (bass guitar), voice.
Paola Nieto: zapateado (dance), voice, storyteller.

Recording and production: Alan Guerra, Yesmith Sánchez and Jaranas del Norte.
Edition: Maailman Musiikin Keskus (Global Music Centre).


Concerts, interviews and other performances. Watch and read more in our gallery.


Quien diría que en Finlandia
cada jarana resuena,
hay como resumba y suena
desde Argentina a Groenlandia,
de Japón a Disneylandia
es hermoso nuestro aporte,
nuestra música es soporte
del amor y la amistad.
Un abrazo de verdad
a esas jaranas del Norte!

Halbert Brites, August 2020

El Son jarocho hermana
a los Mexicanos afuera,
y es que aunque no lo quiera
música vibra y emana
en mi sangre Mexicana.
Y hoy lo tocan con amor,
con estilo, y con color.
Y al decirlo yo no miento,
que tocarlo es un honor!

Virginia Aguilar Mendoza, August 2020

Los jaraneros del Norte
en nostálgico momento
ensamblan sentimiento.
Nuestro Son sin pasaporte
es el alma y el soporte
que incendian el decimal.
Y tú les dirás Kamal
que brillan con propia luz,
con Finlandia y Veracruz
forman la Aurora Boreal.

Carlos Adolfo Rosario Gutiérrez, August 2020